Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Too Cute!

Alright, I'm doing good! Two days in a row. So, last night was Mommie and Caleb bonding time. Chris was in class till 9 so we got to spend quality time together. I made Caleb his chicken (his favorite!), and of course it was still hot when I got it done. He has this new thing where he'll hold the chicken (or whatever) up and want you to blow it. Then he purses those little lips and and tries to blow too! However, he's just pretty good at getting spit everywhere! Oh well, it's too cute! After dinner we had to play. He was into his "choo-choo" last night, as well as his new Nemo book from Nana ("Meemo" book, as Caleb says). Then it was bath time, and as I was drawing his bath, I turned around and he had gotten the toilet seat up and started splashing around in it! YUCK! We had some serious hand washing after that! I decided to let him watch a veggie tales after that so he might wind down a little. It's so cute when it comes on because he starts dancing to the theme song. He loves his veggies! Then you can't even get his attention because he's so focused on his show. All in all, it was a great night. He finally got to greet Daddy at the window when he got home from school a little early! Fun times!

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