Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Silly boy

Last night was spaghetti night, so we did our routine stripping down to the diaper before supper. Caleb hadn't eaten well at lunch, and apparently he was starving because he ate a huge plate! Then after I took the tray away, he started eating the noodles he'd dropped on his belly! I thought he would turn his bath water red with all the sauce he got on him! Then we talked to Nana and Pop on the phone. He has the cutest way of saying hello - he puts the phone on his shoulder and says "e-ooooo!" So sweet!

This morning he woke up as I was about to leave for work. So I picked him up and took him to his daddy. When I laid him down, he started screaming for me. I'm leaving for a conference in Austin this afternoon and will be gone for 2 days, so I was not about to leave my baby crying! I laid down with him and held him, and when I tried to get up and leave, he jumped over Chris and got to me. So I had to pick him up and hold him some more (you know I hate that)! Finally, he decided he could play with his dad, so I got to leave for work, late of course. I'm going to miss him and Chris the next 2 days. I wish they could go to Austin with me!

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