Tuesday, March 28, 2006


My computer is finally fixed! I've been working here for over six months now, and my computer has never worked right. It would let me do some things but not others. It was pretty picky! I got a new hard drive yesterday, and now everything is just peachy! I can even blog from my desk now! Sorry...I'm just really excited!

Chris and I met his parents and the other grandkids at Dairy Queen last night. His parents wanted to take the kids to play. I was up for it, of course, because of the ice cream! Caleb and Nathan had a big time. When Chris's mom took Caleb down the slide, he thought he was such a big boy! He said, "Weeeee!" all the way down. It was so cute!

His vocabulary is just exploding. It seems like he says something new every day. Last night he kept bringing me books, and he would start telling me what was in the pictures. I have such a smart little boy! I know I'm not a proud mama or anything!

I'm gonna miss the little fella today. I have a late meeting tonight so Caleb is going to stay over at his grandparent's house tonight. Maybe I can get some stuff done around the house tonight, or maybe Chris and I can go to a movie. Who knows......

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