Monday, March 20, 2006

Wacky Weekend

What was up with my family this weekend? It started off fairly normal. Caleb spiked a fever Thurs. evening, and of course we were supposed to be at the doctor Fri. for his check-up. The fever basically went away by then (it was probably related to teething), and the doctor said everything looked good. He definitely has a good set of lungs because he screamed the whole time I was trying to talk to the doctor! Anyway, Caleb still wasn't acting quite right, and he napped horribly that afternoon. So...he was a terror for most of the day, even when we were hanging out with Nana and Chappie in Palestine! Chris and I tried to take him to the movies with us (bad mistake!); we went to see Shaggy Dog thinking he might like the animals, but he was just a little sleepy terror who wouldn't go to sleep! Then Chris got called in (he was on call for surgery this weekend) around 9. He got home around 11:30 and called back out at 2:30. So, he was out all night and sleepy the next day.

Our schedule just got all wacked out on Sat. since Chris and I were both tired! I couldn't sleep after he got called out, and the weather was just sleepy weather! Luckily, we caught up on our zzz's Sat. night, and Caleb FINALLY slept well for the first time in a week! Going to church yesterday was soggy, and after lunch with a couple we recently met, Chris got called back to work! So, we missed church last night and did some much needed grocery shopping and got to hang out at the house. So much for a nice, relaxing weekend! Oh well, at least this was (hopefully) the last weekend Chris will have to take call.

Now it's back to work...YUCK!

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