Sunday, March 05, 2006


Well, Austin was so thrilling! Nursing leadership conference.....2 fun-filled days! At least the ladies I went with were great.
I love coming home. The smile on Caleb's face is just priceless (and on Chris's face too)! I had so much fun playing with Caleb after I got home. My family is so precious. Yesterday, Chris and I went on a "quick" trip to Tyler to visit someone in the hospital. Several hours later, we were at a car dealership. Chris and I both want a new car. Chris wants a little car with great gas mileage, and much to my dismay, I want to become a "minivan mom." Anyway, Chris was test driving a car, and Caleb and I were playing. He was playing with one of those balloons on the cars and having a blast. Then he decided to run off. Being the graceful little boy that he is (just like his momma!), he tripped and fell flat on his face! Poor thing, he has his first big facial injury. We've had bumps and bruises before, but this one's a doozy! I knew he was hurt as soon as he fell. But you know kids, they're so resilient. After a little TLC, he was back to his old meddling self. And after all that drama, we didn't even buy a car! I've decided that car salesmen are scuzbuckets! I know there are some good ones out there, but these guys were totally trying to rook us. Oh well, one day we'll find the right one and buy some really great minivan from him/her! I can't believe I want a minivan. I'm officially old! Oh well, I guess it had to happen sometime......

I downloaded some pics of the head injury and found some more cute stuff. Here's Caleb helping his daddy put furniture together.
His first experience with powdered sugar donuts..

Being silly with Daddy....

Check out that forehead!

Another picture of his head, and of course I've spoiled him with a few M&M's!

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pchavers said...

If he could have gotten to Nana and Pop, we could have doctored him with plenty of "sugars"!! He would have been instantly healed! He's still the cutest little boy in the whole world!