Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finally Remembered!

I finally remembered to bring my camera with me to work this morning so I could download some of those pics I wrote about earlier this week. I even found some extras! My little man is too sweet. When I went to get him last night, he just ran to me and gave me some good loving! I love to hear him say "Mama!" Poor thing had another nosebleed last night; this one was the worst yet. I guess he really is going to inherit this mess from me!

Here's my tired little man! I guess he was worn out this day. Eating is hard work!

How cute is that smile? This was taken while he was wrestling with his daddy (and just after the latest "big boy" haircut)!

What animal noise is he making?.........................

(the elephant!)

Here's my big 4-wheeling man! He was just too excited!

Picnic time! Yummy cookie!

Where in the world is this? Can you believe this view from Maydelle, TX?????? This was the view during our picnic. Of course, the picture doesn't do it justice!

Little man gave out! Riding the 4-wheeler was hard work! Isn't he so sweet when he sleeps?

Concentrating hard! He loves to play drums with his daddy!

Hope you enjoy the pics! I know I probably go overboard about my sweet family! Have a wonderful weekend!

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