Monday, March 13, 2006

Back to Reality!

Well, the weekend was great! Chris and I had a blast in the metroplex. Riverdance was good; Chris did a great imitation! We had a good time together, but we missed our little man! I think he had a great time at Nana and Pop's house, though. He got to play (LOTS) and ride Pop's tractor. Emily even came down to play.

I loved it when we met Mom and Dad yesterday to pick him up. That smile is priceless! I just love being the mommy! After church last night, we took him to McDonald's for some chicken (his favorite). Then he and Daddy played. It was so cute! They played his version of hide-and-seek. He goes to look for Daddy and screams and laughs and runs away when he finds him. It's too cute! Lucky for us, that pretty much wore him out, so after a bath and brushing his teeth, he was ready for bed!

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