Friday, March 10, 2006

Time to go!

Well, I'm at Mom and Dad's house waiting for Mom to get home from school. We're all set for our fun weekend! Caleb will be completely spoiled, and Chris and I can have some "us" time. We definitely could use more of that! Things definitely changed once Caleb came along! But, I wouldn't change a thing! I love the little fella!

He's too cute, as usual. He's just running around playing with all of his toys. Nana has a whole playroom just for the grandkids! His knot on his head is getting a lot better. I gues I truly have a clumsy little boy because as soon as one "boo-boo" gets better, we get another one. We were getting ready to come over here today, and he fell in the carport and skinned his knee up! I think it must come from his daddy's side, right? I'm NEVER clumsy! (yea, right!) Oh well, at least this one wasn't nearly as traumatic as the last one.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.....

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