Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Zoo Time!

Yesterday my sister-in-law called me up at work and asked if she could take Caleb to the zoo with them. Of course, I was jealous and wanted to go. I think I need a spring break too! Well, I ended up getting off and going with them! We went to Lufkin and had a ball. Caleb is too cute. They have a little train that runs around the zoo, and as we were walking up, he kept saying, "Choo, choo!" We rode it....twice! He absolutely loved it! Of course, the animals were a hit, too. He's a lot better at making the right noises now. The last time we took him to the zoo all he knew was "roar" and "moo!" Now he's pretty much got all of his sounds down. It was too cute, even if he was a little punk some of the time! He's just a little independent....where could he have gotten that from? Oh well, it was a great day...too bad his daddy had to stay home and go to school! I let him stay up a little late last night so they could have some play time together. I just love watching them play.

Not much else is happening around here. I got accepted to grad school. Yea! Now I just need to get enough scholarships/grants to pay for it. Pray for free money! Have a great day, everybody!

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