Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ready for the weekend!

I know it's only 1:00 on Thurs., but I'm already counting down. I tend to do this every week, but I'm really excited about this weekend. Chris doesn't have to work tomorrow, and I'm off every Friday, so we're headed out of town tomorrow for a date weekend! For part of my Valentine's present he gave me a coupon for any Bass Hall performance I want to go see. SO, I chose Riverdance, and we're leaving tomorrow! I'm so excited! I love the theater, and I love to get out of town. It's going to be a great weekend. I know I'll miss Caleb though. He probably won't care that we're gone because he's going to get spoiled rotten all weekend at Nana and Pop's house!

Caleb stayed at Chris's Nana's house yesterday. His aunt and uncle live just down the way, and they came up a couple of times yesterday on the 4-wheeler. Each time he met them at the door, pointed to the 4-wheeler, and said, "Ride?" He's so smart! Of course, they rode him around a little, and I'm told he was laughing and talking the whole time. I've got an outdoors-y boy on my hands! At least I know he'll have fun in Colorado this summer when we go on vacation!

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