Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sweetie Pie

I have the sweetest little boy! He's a completely different little man than the terror I had this weekend! I got home from work last night and he just ran to me and loved on me. We had the best time while Daddy was gone to class. After supper we shared an apple (or "ba-pple" as Caleb says). You have to leave the skin on, or he won't eat it. So he eats the insides and spits the skin out! Thanks to MeMaw for that one! It's too cute! I'm just glad he'll eat fruit!

After some hard playing, we had a fun bathtime. Of course, I'm going to have to break him of this throwing his toys out of the tub! He even did a good job brushing his teeth last night! I'm so proud! I was sitting down for a minute watching a little TV when he came and crawled up onto the couch with me. He started grabbing at my shirt like he does when he's tired. I told him to lay down with Mommy, and he actually did! He fell asleep right there on the couch. Bedtime is never that easy! We always have to spend some time singing in the bed before he'll go to sleep. What a great night! I even got to watch CSI with Chris before my bedtime! Have a great day!

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