Monday, April 03, 2006


That's how I feel today! I don't know if I'm just getting old or what, but this time change has made me so drowsy! I'm sure it hasn't helped that I got to bed late the last couple of nights, either!

Well, we had a fun-filled weekend in the big metropolis of Fairfield! I had agreed to help officiate a charity volleyball tournament, so I was tied up for part of the time, but it was fun. Caleb, of course, was the center of Nana and Pop's universe for two days! He had a ball playing with them. He put on a show for us Sat. night when he danced on the table after supper! My, how my dad has mellowed in his old age! I never thought my dad would ever let anyone's feet anywhere near any place where his food touches, even if Caleb had just come out of the bathtub! I guess grandkids have special privileges! He's learned Roc (Eric's dog) and Brinkley's (Mom's dog) names. Every time Roc would start barking, he'd look out the window, point, and say, "Roc!" Then he'd have to start making his own dog barking sound of course! Caleb kept us plenty entertained....and Emily, too! They actually played well together this weekend. I guess Emily's getting ready to be a good big sister.

Now it's back to work. We had a super boring, super long staff meeting this morning. I introduced some new stuff, and change is never taken well, so it got a little interesting for a few minutes at least! I had to bring food today (we switch out months bringing breakfast), and I made sausage bread for the first time. It turned out pretty well, especially considering it was after 9:30 last night when I started making it.

My reward after the staff meeting was going to get my hair done. I got a new 'do! It's not too drastic, but definitely different and shorter! I love it. But, you know, I always like my hair shorter!

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