Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Out of Shape!

I must really be getting old! I've been trying (not too hard!) to eat better and get some exercise. How hard is that with an 18 month old? He won't let me do aerobics at home, so I'm doing the walking thing. Last night I threw him in his stroller, and off we went. There's a great place to walk at the schools across the street. I didn't realize how many hills were over there though! I've walked over there with Chris before, but I guess last night was the first night I've pushed the stroller. I'm too out of shape! And to think that this time last year I was doing step aerobics 3 times a week at the church! It's just gone downhill since moving to J'ville! Anyway, Caleb wanted to talk the whole time. He was telling me about all the stuff around him. We did our animal sounds and all that. Then he turned around in his stroller and looked up at me and put his finger up to his mouth and "shh"ed me! Where did he learn that? I think he might have been gearing up for "This Little Light of Mine" because then his finger turned into his light! So here I am, going up a hill and panting "This Little Light of Mine" with him! He tends to change verses in the middle of the song, and he went from shining his light to hiding it under the bushel "NO!" to not letting Satan blow it out (blowing his finger of course!). I'm sure if there had been people near us it would have been a funny picture!

After we made it back to the house, I was doing my weights, and he actually didn't bother me much during that part. However, when it was time for crunches, he decided to sit on my belly! He thought it was so funny! Oh, the joys of exercising with babies!

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