Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Little Booger Man!

Poor Caleb still has the snotty nose and nasty cough. I don't think I've ever been slimed as many times as I have in the last few days! It's disgusting! It's true, though, that it's different when it's your kid. I definitely always want the kleenex close by! Luckily, he doesn't act like he feels bad. I talked to our PA today about it, and he said he's seen lots of this lately, and that it's probably just a virus going around. He told me the medicine I'm giving him is the best stuff for him and not to worry about him unless he starts running a fever. (You can feel better now, Mom!)

A friend of mine dropped by last night for a visit while Chris was in class. Caleb put a good show on for her! The last time she was in town Caleb's room still wasn't done. I told him to take her to his room, and he just walked with her into the room and started talking about all his toys and books with her. It was like he was giving a complete tour of the room!

Not much else is happening with us...I got a letter in the mail to schedule an interview for a scholarship for school. Ya'll can definitely pray for that; I've got to get some serious financial aid if I'm going to go back for my master's. The school just increased tuition (not that it was all that cheap before), and it's going to take some help for both of us to get to go to school. Thanks for your prayers!

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