Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Date With My Little Sweetie

Caleb and I had a date last night. Chris was in school, so I decided to take Caleb out, just the two of us. I decided we'd go get some pizza. However, he didn't nap yesterday, so about the time I got to Pizza Hut, he fell asleep. He was not a happy camper when I woke him up! But when he saw the crackers on the salad bar, he perked up and said, "Cracker!" We shared our salad, but he mainly ate the broccoli. He's the only kid I've ever seen who eats the crust of the pizza first! I'm afraid he's going to be a "bread-a-holic" like his mommy! We had a good time together and even had pizza left over to take home to Daddy.

I knew he must be exhausted so I tried to get him down around 8:00 after we got home and bathed and got ready for bed. He had other plans. He was so tired, walking around like a little zombie! Finally, I made him be still, and he was asleep in 5 minutes!

Chris and I even got to go to sleep early. It was nice because I was really tired. I was sleeping really hard because when I heard this loud thud at 11:48, I thought I'd been sleeping forever! The thud was my little man falling off the bed! Poor guy! I think it scared him more than anything. No injuries or anything. He's inherited something else from me: rough sleeping! Mom and Dad can attest that when I was little I may have fallen asleep right in the bed, but by morning I might be on the other end! That's how Caleb is! It's really cute when I walk in and he has that little rump sticking high up in the air. Anyway, he just wiggled himself right off the bed. He must have learned his lesson because when I kissed him when I left for work this morning he was still hugging the wall!

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