Monday, April 10, 2006

Fun-filled Family Time!

We had so much fun this weekend! Chris and I were both off all weekend and decided we needed to have some serious family time since we haven't had an abundance of time together lately. Friday we worked on Chris's office (he worked, Caleb and I played!). Then Saturday we were off to Tyler to the zoo. I know we go to the zoo a lot; we love it!

This time the petting zoo was open. I expected Caleb to be scared, but he just ran right in! He loved petting the goats. Chris even came in to take pictures!

Guess what animal we saw during this picture? That's right....the elephant! I think everyone around us turned to see what Caleb was doing! It's so cute, but it's really loud! I love it when he makes his animal noises!

Then we had to check out the giraffes. I think he made his horse noise at them, but I can't remember!

How cute is this picture? This is the part where Caleb was actually behaving! We had a few disagreements with Caleb about the way he should act and where he should go, etc., but I'm pretty sure we won! We're really getting to understand that we have to repeat everything a million times to get through to the little booger! I think he gets that stubborness from his daddy's side! (lol) I just loved this shot of Caleb holding his daddy's hand. He loves his daddy!

After the zoo, Caleb was zonked. So he took a nap while Chris and I did a little shopping. Not much luck though! I wish I had some pictures from our lunch at Fazolli's; Caleb was super messy with his spaghetti, as usual! He had sauce all over his face, on his forehead, up his nose, you name it!

Yesterday, we made a flying trip to Fairfield to have Easter a little early with my family. Most of the fam will be out of town next week so we decided to do our thing this week. Caleb didn't quite get the Easter egg hunt down. He was excited to find the eggs (ball, as he called it!), but he just wanted to hold onto it instead of putting them into his basket! (How do you like my smile?)

Of course, the fake grass is more fun than the eggs! We had a good time with him. It's amazing how much you change when you have a kid. I always enjoyed watching the kids hunt eggs. I thought they were cute and everything. But it's different with Caleb. He just brings such joy. It's so much fun watching him experience things for the first time and to see how amazed he is at things he discovers!
After the big egg hunt, Caleb discovered the slide! He and Pop had a big time, and I think he gave Pop a good run! Pop was worn out after a while! It doesn't seem like Caleb should be big enough to be sliding down the slide by himself! He's getting so big!

Too bad it's back to the "real world" today. We did get a little late start back, though. The alarm didn't go off, and we woke up about 6:10. Caleb and I have to leave the house by around 6:25 for me to get to work on time! Needless to say, I was a bit late for work today! I hated leaving him this morning; he's gotten really needy lately. He used to would go to anyone; now he wants me in the mornings. It's so much easier when he stays asleep all the way! That wasn't happening this morning. He was going to Chris's Nana's house today, and usually he'll jump down and go play with all the toys she has laid out, but not today. Besides the neediness, I think he doesn't feel too well. He's developed this pretty nasty wet cough and snotty nose. So, if it gets any worse, I'll get to go home early today! I hate for my baby to be sick, but I'd love to hang out with him! Have a great Monday everyone!

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