Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Quality Time

I don't like that Chris is in class two nights a week, but I do get to spend lots of quality time with Caleb. We miss Chris, but it's some good "Mommy and Caleb" time! We had a great time together last night. I debated having a little picnic outside for supper, but we ended up just eating in the house. It was beautiful outside last night. The good thing about this time change is that it's not dark when we get home! So after we ate our supper, we headed outside. The seminary has a great play area for the kids, lots of swings and slides, etc. Caleb headed straight up the hill to the playground. We played in the swing for a while, and he ran around and had to play with the gravel. Rocks are so interesting, right? Then he remembered he loves the slide. He finally decided it's OK to go up the right way instead of walking up the slide and turning around to come back down. I helped him climb all the steps (I did most of the work, of course!), and down we came, Caleb laughing all the way! After about 87 trips on the slide, I decided it was getting too dark, so we headed home.

Caleb, however, wasn't ready to go inside. I had the porch light on, and he thought that was enough light to play with his car! He got this little car for his birthday, one of those "Fred Flinstone" type cars that you push with your feet. Well, he's finally decided it's good to actually get into the car, not just play with the horn and steering wheel. He hasn't quite got the going forward thing down, though, just backwards!

Finally, we made it inside for bathtime and bedtime. I just had to cuddle with him some last night after he went to sleep; he's so precious!

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