Monday, April 17, 2006

Huntin' Man!

He finally figured out this Easter egg hunting thing! We had a big family gathering at Chris's aunt's house yesterday, which included an all-out Easter egg hunt, too! Here's Caleb hunting with his cousin, Ashley. I'm so glad he figured out that you put the eggs in the basket, not just pick them up. We had a good, really sticky time!

Here he is with an egg in one hand and a sucker in the other! He was NOT giving up his sucker just to hunt some eggs! His mouth was completely purple, in addition to his hands and my shirt!

After all that excitement, he was a sleepy, grumpy man, so we left for naptime. He was asleep before we got to the road!

We didn't have church services last night so we got to spend some time at Chris's parents' house while Chris worked on his bazillion papers that are due tonight! Chris decided I should make homemade pizza for supper, so I did the pizzas and Farrah made brownie sundaes for dessert. Yummy! Caleb and Nathan were too cute running around chasing each other in their diapers. Never a dull moment!

Now it's back to work.....too bad today's not a holiday!

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