Thursday, April 13, 2006

God is Good!

Chris has started working with the youth group at church. It's really going great. I think the kids really are enjoying everything. Chris's dad is playing his guitar and leading music, and Chris is doing the teaching. Of course, we have the "mood" set with the lighting and everything, and I think it's really going well. The kids, to the best of my knowledge, have never had anything like this before, so it's pretty cool for them, too. I know God's going to do great things with them. We're getting geared up for summer activities. It should be really good!

My little man is too sweet. He and Chris came to eat lunch with me yesterday. Of course, it was Caleb's naptime, and he slept through the whole thing! Oh well, I liked holding him. He looks so sweet when he sleeps. Then he screamed, "Momma!" when I showed up last night. We had to play a while before church. He thinks he is such a big boy! He just runs right up into the middle of the big kids like he can keep up with them. Several of them were shooting baskets last night, and he just ran right up there with them, not thinking that the basketball would hit him in the head! The kids are great, though, and include him. They give him the ball, and he throws it like he's just like one of them. My little man...too bad he won't be little much longer.....

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