Thursday, April 06, 2006

Crazy Busy!

I've actually been busy today; can you believe it? I had to help with a clinic this morning, and we had some visitors from Houston here to see how we did stuff. Why the region folks chose to send them down here to the sticks is beyond me, but we tried to help. They just got some money from a grant that we have already, and apparently the big wigs think we're doing a good job! SO, I actually had to work for a while this morning!

Chris and I are trying this eating right thing.....He's been doing pretty well, and I have too, except that today I had a craving! For breakfast this morning, I wanted a fully leaded, fully sugared dr. pepper (no diet!) and something greasy! (AND...I'm NOT pregnant!) So I made a run to this gas station that sells some really yummy, really fattening stuff, and I got caught! Chris got to come home from work really early because there were too many nurses there, and he decided to come by my office. He found me at the gas station! No hiding this one! Oh well, I've done pretty good most of the week....

Then we cheated at lunch, too, because he and Caleb came for lunch. Caleb was too cute! I love it when I walk up and he just starts smiling really big and says "Mama!" It just melts my heart! I'm glad I got to have lunch with my two favorite men!

Now I'm just counting down to 6:00. Chris and I are both off all weekend! Hopefully the weather will be as beautiful as it has been because we want to go the zoo or something. Just get outside and enjoy the weather. Sorry for all you poor folks who have to work tomorrow! Have a great weekend.....

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