Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Icky Nasty!

So, what's the worst problem you can have in your home? Right now, I think that answer is plumbing! We started having some issues yesterday morning, and Chris thought he could fix the problem pretty easily. You know, our place is ancient and doesn't have the best pipes! Come to find out, our neighbors were having problems too. Our building is like a duplex, so from my understanding, we share some of the same pipes. Well, they had already scheduled a plumber to come in today, so we put our place on the agenda, too! I had no desire to stay in that nastiness, so off we went to Chris's parents house for the night. I hated that my neighbors don't have family nearby, and they went to a hotel. It was kind of exciting to watch some TV. It's become a luxury to us these days. We don't watch much, so we didn't set up our satellite over here. So we got to watch TV on the big screen last night. It was a pretty relaxing night. Caleb was in a good mood. I think Chris did more watching, and I did more giggling with Caleb! It seemeed like everything I did was funny last night. I just love his laugh! It's really cute when I tickle him. I must say, watching him is loads more fun that watching anything on the TV!

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