Tuesday, April 18, 2006


My little man is getting too smart! It's amazing how much his vocabulary is growing. After the monster Caleb went away last night (grumpy hungry man!), he was such a sweetie. It's amazing what a few chicken nuggets will do! Anyway, he wanted to play in his room last night after supper. He led me in there and proceeded to point to most every picture in his books, the tractor on his bed, and anything else he could find and tell me what it was! How smart is my little man? I just love to watch him learning all these new things. Wouldn't it be great if we had that same sense of awe about our world? Then he was determined that there was a "choo-choo" outside his window. You can hear the train from our house but not see it. So he was trying to look out his window and kept saying, "Choo-choo!" and pointing out the window. How sweet!

We were both tired last night. Caleb didn't get a good nap, and I was just pooped, so I decided we'd lay down a little early. Well, Caleb decided it wasn't time to sleep, and rolled around for the longest time. Then Chris got out of class early, and Caleb heard him coming in. He jumped up on his hands and knees and started calling "Da!" Of course, that melts Chris's heart (and mine!) so he got to get up and play with Daddy for a while. It was worth getting to bed a little later. I love to watch my boys playing!

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