Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Cassanova

Caleb is the ladies' man! He likes the ladies, but he's figured out it's fun to play hard to get. Oh, the trouble I have to look forward to....

First, we went to the mall the other evening, and Chris took the kids to the play area so I could do some fun baby shopping for a friend. Apparently, Caleb met himself a chick who chased him around the play area trying to kiss him! He comes running up to hide behind Chris saying, "She's trying to kiss me!!!!" Hearing Caleb retell the story was quite amusing, as well....

Then we go to his "wife's" birthday party yesterday. Caleb and Natalie "married" last year when they were the ring bearer/flower girl for our friends' wedding. So funny the way they still talk about being married. Natalie has even asked her mom when she and Caleb are getting their own house because "that's what married people do!" Anyway, Natalie runs up to Caleb and gives him this big hug when we got to the party, and Caleb just looks away and rolls his eyes. We had a great time at the party, but when we got ready to tell Natalie bye, she had on her new Bratz sunglasses and her new pink purse and proceeded to pay Caleb back....totally ignored him! How do these kids learn this stuff!?

Cute now, what'll it be like in 10 years!?

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