Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I think I'm getting payback for my childhood... Apparently I was a stubborn child! Who woulda thought that!?

So my younger son (Joshua) is following in my footsteps. I've already determined that he is the best birth control ever! Since he turned 2, it's been pretty rough! He can be so sweet one second and a complete terror the next! This time he had been playing outside and wanted some milk when we came in. OK, no problem. Now we've been teaching him to say please and thank you and actually have some semblance of manners. I ask, "What do we say, Joshua?" His response: "I can't say please!!!" So, I tell him no milk. This progresses into a full blown tantrum. He even has to go to his room for a while. Fast forward about 15 min...he's calm and comes and asks for milk. "What do we say, Joshua?" This time (little punk!) gets a sweet sweet grin on his face and says, "Pweeze!!" WHAT??? Why does he have to do this? I guess I earned it according to my mother!

As for other news, thankfully we're not too busy right now. I mean we're always busy with work and stuff, but not a ton of extra stuff right this second. We've LOVED the weather lately and have spent lots of time outside. The kids got 4 wheelers for Christmas, and they've been riding on those. We got the little basketball goal out and the baseball tee the other day. Joshua loves shooting baskets, and Caleb loves t-ball. We even worked on coach pitch on Sunday afternoon. He is doing really well with his hitting! I'm not proud or anything! :) He said he's ready to be on a "real" baseball team. I guess we'll be playing t-ball when it starts up!

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