Wednesday, February 24, 2010


OK, I moved back to Texas expecting much warmer weather!! I'm thankful for the snow and all, but come on, I should be wearing shorts in a few short weeks! (And who knows, I probably will be knowing this weather!) The snow started falling here yesterday around 10:30am while we were finishing up my morning class. I had other students from my afternoon class calling to see what was going on with that, and some of them who live west of us already had 3-4 inches. We eventually cancelled class, and I went to get the kiddos. Their school was closing early too.

As soon as we got home, it was snow clothes on, get outside time. They were super pumped about playing in the snow again. We built a much better snowman this time. No decapitating or crushing wounds on this guy! It still wasn't as big as we could have got it, but hey the boys are 5 & 2; their attention span is not very long! After the snowman, we went in to warm up. Caleb ordered some "warm hot chocolate!" He doesn't like hot stuff, obviously! We settled in with our snacks, and the kiddos played and watched videos.

Then Daddy came home....much more (and wilder!) playtime outside! They chased each other, threw snowballs, knocked each other down in the snow, you know all that crazy boy stuff that they just love! All the while, the snow is still steadily falling. I think we got about 8 inches! It was a great time enjoying this beautiful stuff God created that we don't get to see too often!

Caleb was upset he had to go to school this morning even though he went late. He thought since the snow was still in the yard (but totally off the roads!) he should stay in. I would have loved to take a snow day, but I figured I should get some work done. My lab for today was cancelled, so we took our time getting to town. Fun lazy morning! I think we should get out for good weather sometimes too!! I like this school starting at 10 business!

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