Monday, March 22, 2010

March Update

I have been told that it's been too long since I blogged.... Seems life's been a bit busy these last few weeks, so here's a quick update!

We headed up to Jonesboro a couple of weeks ago for a visit with friends. It was great to see our old church family. I'm so thankful God has sent a great new pastor for them, and the church seems to be doing great! It was fantastic to hook up with our friends and their brand new baby, Hayden. He is too cute, but he didn't like me much! I think it was probably the fact that Joshua was hanging on me every time I tried to hold him! Little jealous??? Poor Caleb got the stomach bug while we were there. Poor baby! He was such a trooper, though. For him to be a whiny kid, he didn't whine at all as he puked his guts up. I felt so bad for him. I hate for my babies to get sick! It was fun to play some bunco with my ladies while I was up there too. I miss those girls!

My spring break was a week before everyone else's, so no real fun times for us! I worked some extra at the hospital...nice extra money!

We've been enjoying the beautiful warmer weather (until this weekend, of course!). We've spent tons of time outside. Joshua loves to race his big Tonka truck all over the drive and sidewalk. It's too cute! Caleb's into playing racing games. We're having to work on good sportsmanship with him. He thinks he should win every time! We've also spent lots of time at the park here in Palestine. The kids love it, and it's way bigger than our little play fort thing in our yard!

Mom was on spring break last week, and she came over Thurs. We got the kids out of school early and headed to the park. For some reason, Joshua was a little scared that day. Don't understand why...he's usually fearless! He played a lot on "James" the train though. He's started to get into Thomas lately so every train we see is one of the Thomas characters! Caleb had to show off his "belly slide" to Nana. What is it with boys having to be daredevils on playground equipment (and everything else!)?

Friday Mom and I went shopping. Great girly time without kiddos! I've missed having those times with my mom when I lived in Arkansas. We bought too much for the kids and not enough for ourselves, but it was fun nonetheless!

Chris and Caleb went out to the lake in Fairfield for a while Fri. evening with his brother's church group, so we decided to just hang out at Mom and Dad's for the whole weekend. We had a super lazy day Saturday since you couldn't get out and do anything anyway! What's up with this stinking cold weather!? I'm ready for warm sunshine-y days! Yesterday, Chris filled in for our former pastor at Round Prairie. He preached both services. I just love listening to him preach! It was great to see our old friends there and catch up a bit with them. Joshua cracked us up yesterday morning. I asked him if he was ready to go play in the nursery, and he says, "Sounds like a plan!" Goofy kid! Guess I've said that a few too many times....

Now we're off to the start of the new week. I'm running on low already since Joshua decided to have a bout of insomnia last night. He woke up around 3am. I layed down with him, and I don't think he really slept well the rest of the night. He kept crawling over me, laying on top of me, whining, talking, jumping around on the bed, you name it! He finally went back to sleep hard after Chris left around 530 this morning. UGH! So, I had a grumpapotamus on my hands for a while this morning. But we made it out the door on time! Hopefully, the week will look up from here!

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