Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The latest craziness...

So the people who owned our house sold it. Our lease is up Fri. The new folks want it Sat. Therefore, we're moving AGAIN! Now, this is not recent; we've known about it for a month or so, even tried to get them to let us stay through mid-May so I could at least get out of school. But, no go. We're out on the streets! Not really...

I guess I should give you a bit of background info on our housing dilemma. Chris and I have been praying for God to open up a new ministry opportunity for us. Chris is missing pastoring (it is his passion!), so we began searching for the next church God would have us serve. Well, we're headed to O'Quinn Baptist Church in Pollack (just outside of Lufkin) next Sun. Chris is preaching in view of a call that day, so the church will vote that night. Next Sunday I will know if I have a house or not! I really feel like this is the place God desires for us to serve, and I think that's the vibe I'm getting from the people there, too. We've been there twice now, and we love it! Pray that God would continue to guide our journey to where we need to be.

Another beautiful thing about this church is that it has a parsonage! So no house hunting necessary! It's a nice, big, spacious home. The music minister's wife was one of the former preacher's kids, and she says we have free reign to do what we want with the house. Soooo nice since I've heard some horror stories about parsonages too! I'm looking forward to setting up house for a loooonnnngggg while! In the meantime, we're going to stay with parents until we know something for certain, and if this doesn't work out, we'll find something else! God knows where we need to be!

As for my kids, Joshua doesn't really care what's going on. He's just concerned that the toys are packed in boxes. Of course, those boxes are great to climb on and jump off. I caught them both climbing on one of the big ones the other day! Crazy kiddos! Caleb is excited to have another house. I think he likes moving. Ugh! We spent the afternoon in the parsonage Sun. between services, and he ran through it saying, "Is this our new house!???" I think he'll adjust just fine. They both love their Sunday school classes, too. Very much a load off with Caleb....he doesn't take change that well!

So, pray for us as we complete this latest move, and I'll keep you updated!!!!!

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Leanna said...

Oh wow! Very exciting!! Praying for God's will!