Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It's Official!

Before I get into the weekend's activities, I have to tell you about my sweet Joshua. We were laying down together yesterday, and I rolled away from him to scratch my back. He told me to roll back over, and I explained that I had an itch on my back and had to scratch it. He says, "OK, Momma, I pet your back!" He proceeds to scratch a tiny portion of my lower back and then rolls over on his belly and says, "OK, my turn. You pet my back!" He laid super still while I "petted" his back...already rotten like his momma there!

Anyway, we headed to Lufkin this weekend for the big vote. I was pretty sure this would all work out because Chris and I both felt that this was where God was leading us. So, Chris preached on Sunday morning, and a family invited us over for lunch. Good to know how they all fit together because I had no idea they were related! Sweet people, and the kids had a blast playing. Then that evening we had a Q&A session where the congregation could ask us questions. They sat us up on the stage, and the kids followed....So here we are, Chris answering a question, and Caleb has a tissue stuck up his nose trying to "get the boogers out" and Joshua just digging for gold or something in his nostril. IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!! I finally got them out with a lady who we have spent a lot of time with over the last few weeks, so the kids were OK leaving with her. Oh my goodness! At least the church can overlook my kids' nasty behavior!! Then after the evening service, the church voted unanimously to call Chris as their pastor!

While they were voting, Chris and I were in the fellowship hall where several of the young kids were. There was even a bouncy house in there! While it was the girls' turn, Caleb and 3 of his new friends went into one of the Sunday school rooms and had a "Superhero meeting". When they came out, they ran one at a time up to the little stage and posed in their best superhero pose! So stinking cute! Caleb's super power was being able to freeze things with his eyes. Such an imagination!

So, we're headed to O'Quinn Baptist Church in Pollock, TX! We're actually moving our things over today. Chris has given notice to the hospital, and I've told all the folks at my job. Please pray that God will open doors for me to find a new job. I'm looking at SFA and Angelina College, so we'll see what happens. We're pumped to be back in the ministry...I think God's got great stuff in store for us at O'Quinn!

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