Friday, June 11, 2010

Catch up....

Can I just tell you how incredibly CRAZY the last month has been!? It is my sincere prayer that our life is about to sllloooowwwww down! We are in the new house (parsonage) next to the church and are almost completely settled in...just a few things to hang on the wall and some misc. stuff. The church is fantastic! I know we're in the honeymoon phase, but these folks have been so great to us. I can just feel the excitement here, like we're all just anticipating what great things God has in store for us. It's really great to be a part of that. I know God's up to something good here, and I'm so thankful that He's allowing me to be a part of it!

Chris finished up his job at Mother Frances today. Yipee for no more driving 5 days a week! Now I think he'll finally get to settle in here. It's just been so stinking busy with him finishing out his time there and pastoring here. So you can see why I think life is about to get better...he'll actually be home again!

Caleb is an official preK graduate! I still haven't downloaded pics and video from that, so I'll post some of those later, but let me just tell you how cute my sweet boy was! His teacher told the class that their time on the stage was not the time to be waving and making silly faces, so Caleb tried his best not to acknowledge us too much. But, he did have some funny faces when he was "trying" not to notice us! The class sang some songs, and he had a solo in one of them. AWWW!!! I could tell he was really nervous, but he did great! His teachers made each student (all 18) his/her own scrapbook for the year. It is awesome! Every picture they took of Caleb and group pics and some artwork are all in there. Talk about time consuming! It's definitely a keeper!

Joshua is getting used to being in a new place. For a while, he kept saying he wanted to go to his house, but he's finally getting used to this being his new home. He and Caleb had to get used to being together all the time again, so there were lots of fights at first! Now they're doing better (still fighting) and enjoying their new playroom. Joshua is really starting to express himself. He'll tell me (all seriously) "Momma, I need to talk to you" and then just rattle off something silly about his cars or something! It's still so cute when he can't quite pronounce words correctly. This week our front yard was "flocked" with pink flamingos for a fundraiser. Every morning Joshua wakes up and wants to look out the window at the "camingos". What a sweetie!

As for me, I'm in the job hunt. I have interviewed with Angelina College twice and will interview with SFA next week. Pray that God will give me the job He desires me to have. I just want to teach! Right now, I'm just loving being off with my boys for the summer. This teaching schedule is fantastic! I've registered Caleb for kindergarten and found Joshua his "school" too. Now we can just enjoy ourselves for the rest of the summer and worry about school later! Don't know all the stuff we'll do, but I'm looking forward to some fun times!

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