Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Review

How have I let myself let my blog get away from me for the whole stinking summer!?

Well, here's a little recap for all 2 of you who read this thing!

We are settled into our new house just outside of Lufkin and loving it! The church is fabulous, and I love the people here. They have been so welcoming and refreshing. I think God should let us stay here for a long time! Chris is loving being back in the ministry, and God is blessing the church greatly. It's been amazing to watch, and we're just thankful to be a part of it.

The kids are adjusting well. They've made new friends at church and love their new classes there. Caleb is about to start kindergarten and is super excited. I, on the other hand, am kind of sad that my baby is about to start school! Joshua turned 3 this summer and will start his own "school" next week. I don't think he's quite as excited as Caleb! They have both turned into superhero fanatics over the summer. It's kind of sad that Caleb's outgrown the animal thing, and Joshua, of course, has to like what his big brother does (though he's still really into Cars and Toy Story)! I now know lots of superheroes I never knew existed!

We didn't go a lot over the summer, but it seems like we were awfully busy. I guess that's just the moving/settling part of our life. We did have a mini vacation to Lake Palestine and a big vacation to Surfside Beach. Both were fun! The kiddos love the water. They both got to go tubing at the lake (with their daddy). They LOVED it! Then there was lots of fun times at the beach. "Sharky" was a hit; they had fun riding the waves on him! Sharky and the boogie boards got lots of use that week! My family was with us for both much more fun to hang out with family! Chris, the kids, and I stayed gone for a couple of days after the beach trip, and we went exploring in the hill country. We decided there were WAY too many people floating the rivers (looked like a bunch of ants out there!), but we loved Marble Falls. It was mostly relaxing, but we saw some pretty country!

Now the summer is over, and it's time to get back to work. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time off! It was my first summer vacation since college! I definitely have a fantastic job. I'll be starting my new job at Angelina College on Monday. I've been doing a little orienting since the first of the month, but faculty technically goes back on Mon. The people I've met so far are really nice. Many are strong Christians, so I'm really looking forward to that! God put me in just the right place!

I'll try to do better about updating this thing more often....

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pchav said...

It's about time you updated this. It was a fun summer!!! Love my superheroes!!!!!!!!!!!!