Sunday, November 19, 2006

Model Child

I have no idea who has been inhabiting my child's body today! He has behaved amazingly well today! This morning we visited a church in Alto. The pastor (and youth pastor) go to school with Chris. Since we were a bit late, we took Caleb into the service with us. He had his stuffed elephant and a couple of his little plastic elephants from Noah's Ark with him, and he was an angel! He loved the music and clapped along with the songs. Too cute! He only got a little irate towards the end of the service when Nathan started playing with one of the elephants. Then tonight, we went to FBC Jville, and we explained that we would drop him off and come back after church. I told him if he was good and went into the nursey nicely, I would give him a piece of gum. He was the best little man ever! He went right on in and didn't even notice when I came back! Then we were standing outside talking to one of Chris's profs, and Caleb put on a show for everyone. My sweet little ham! He's never acted this good for a whole day. I wonder what alien has invaded his body! He's welcome to stay, whoever he is! Now he's running around like a crazy man! I hope he acts like this some more! My favorite thing today.....he's still into "helping" his animals pray. Every time we said our prayers or they prayed in church, he would bow his head and his animals heads and pop them back upright when he said Amen! It's too sweet!

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