Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Play

Our church's Christmas program was Sun. night. Both my boys were in it...and were absolutely adorable! It was sort of like It's a Wonderful Life, but with Jesus taken out of the picture of Christmas. It was really good, and it had some great music, too. Caleb was an ornament. At first, he wasn't sure about going out on stage, but he finally went for the first song and ended up waving at me. He also went out on the last song, and by that time, he was hamming it up and dancing around with Joshua.

Joshua was "Mighty Machine Man." It was the toy one of the boys in the play talked about, so every time he was mentioned, Mighty Machine Man went out on the stage. So cute! Here are some pics of them that night.
Now I understand why my mom was always wanting to take pictures of me before all those plays. Proud parents always want pics of their precious children!!

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