Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So I know I've been out of pocket a's been just a bit busy around here!

Anyway, last night I think I laughed harder than I have in a long time, and I had to be way too quiet in order to really enjoy the moment! Caleb has been my difficult child to get to sleep. Joshua-no problem! They sleep in the same room, so most nights Caleb falls asleep in my room and gets moved when Chris and I are ready for bed. Apparently, he wanted to be the big brave brother last night. Joshua has been a little more whiny when we lay him down for the last few nights, nothing major, but I guess Caleb noticed. He told me last night that he wanted to lay down with Joshua so that he could say, "It's OK, Joshua. Don't cry." How sweet is that!?

I was totally on board with that. I would love to just put both boys down and not have to worry about moving them or anything! So, we had it kind of rough at first. I had to put them back to bed 3 times in about 15 min! Then Chris came in from his meeting and put them in bed. We went into our room and just listened to them. They are the cutest things ever! They talked for a minute, and then we heard them get out of bed.

At first, Joshua just walked down the hall by our room. Caleb knew enough that he wasn't supposed to get back out of bed. He crawled past our room like a little army guy! Neither of them saw us. Caleb went to the bathroom and then they went into the living room for a minute. I can't believe they didn't cry when they didn't see us. On the way back down the hall, you could hear them talking and Joshua growling like a lion, but right before our door, they both dropped and crawled past! So cute! They saw us then, but we acted like we were sleeping. They played right there for a minute. Joshua was right in front of the door, but Caleb just peeked around occasionally to make sure they were still safe! Chris told Joshua to go back to bed and that he was coming to check to make sure that Caleb was still in the bed. By the time he got around the corner, the umbrella that Caleb had been playing with was on the floor, and Caleb was in the bed! He thought he fooled us! It was the funniest thing! Joshua went back to bed, too. Caleb fell asleep quickly after that, but Joshua talked to himself and his animals for a bit longer. We just enjoyed listening to the sounds of our sweet boys! They make us laugh so much! I wish we could have videoed that. It was just precious!

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jenn said...

I can't believe y'all were able to catch them - they were being SO secretive! :) That's too cute!