Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm not excited about that or anything! I am sad, though, that it's already Thursday, and my spring break's almost over. I think this is one of my favorite parts about teaching nursing....I get the breaks too! Last week was Mom's spring break, so she and Chappie came up for a few days. It was great to see them, of course, but I'm just a uterus. They only came for the kids!

We had a ball playing and reading and watching movies. We went to the Memphis Zoo (one of the kids' favorite places!) one day. I'm so glad the weather's getting nicer so we can get out more. We love it outdoors!

This week has been nice, too, even with the little rain we've had. Joshua is my truck man. He got a big Tonka truck for Christmas, and he's started wheeling it through the house and running over anything in his path! I made him take it outside the other day, and he rolled it all over the yard. So cute! Now he's brought it back in and is wreaking havoc even as I type!

Chris's parents are here this week. They brought my nephew Nathan with them this time, so Caleb is totally excited! They have been playing nonstop since they got here. They're so cute!

We haven't done much this week for my spring goal was to read, relax, and read! Jen, I got hooked on Karen Kingsbury's Baxter series because of you! I'm down to my last 3!! I'm addicted! I think Chris will be excited to have me back once I'm done. I just need to find another series now!

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