Friday, May 08, 2009

Crazy Night....

So I was smoking crack the other day when I signed up for work...I need to work a little at the hospital since school's out, but the kids were having a Mother's Day Brunch yesterday at school, and I totally wanted to go. So, I did that at 9 and signed up to work 3p-11p. What was I thinking!? It really wasn't that bad except that I miss being home for evening/bedtime routines and hanging out with my boys. It was a nice easy shift until about 10:45. I had this patient that was going in and out of v tach (Clear! shock....bad rhythm!). He'd been doing this all shift and the doc knew but hadn't given me orders. The bad beats came more often and longer duration and eventually he was in full blown sustained ventricular tachycardia. This is typically where the patient falls out and we run a code, start CPR, the whole bit. However, this guy had an internal defibrillator, so it was doing the shocking for us. I am used to this happening in the controlled environment of the ICU with UNCONSCIOUS people, not totally awake and alert people!! This poor fellow was totally with it the whole time! His defibrillator was shocking him and it knocked him up in the air, scared us to death, etc! We called a code, so weird since he was awake, and gave him some meds that fixed his heart rhythm. YAY! I felt so bad for the guy. He was scared to death and just wanted his wife (who had just left 5 min before!). Thankfully, he's OK now. He told me after it was all over that he wanted us to just knock him out if it happens again and wake him up afterwards! I don't blame him! Needless to say, I got out of work late and totally wired. Late night last night.....but it's Friday now!

I have 2 weeks off! We're headed down to Texas next week to see family and friends. I'm making a trip to the holy land (AGGIELAND!) on Tues. We need to brainwash these kids a little! It'll be great to relax and catch up with everyone. Now to get the clothes washed and packed and get out of Arkansas!!!

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