Friday, May 01, 2009

Fun Friday

I didn't have clinic today!!! That's one good thing about the end of the semester. It's been a fairly uneventful day, but good nonetheless. Of course, the one day I get to sleep in my lovely baby Joshua wakes me up around 7:15! I try to tell him that Mommy doesn't get up until 8, but he doesn't seem to get it! Caleb's not a problem....this is one area that Joshua could start copying his brother!

I had a mini reunion lunch today with my first students, who happened to be the first accelerated program students. One of my teaching buddies is doing a paper about some of their clinical experience, so she organized a lunch to catch up and also get some research too! It was good to see them again. Most of them are in the Memphis area; not far, but I still haven't seen many of them since last year. Fun to see the different things they're doing!

Met Chris and the kiddos in town after our lunch. They were eating at CiCi's. My kids can put away the pizza! Then we decided to walk down to KMart....great place to get kid clothes right now! We found all kinds of stuff for the kids, and it was all on sale! Yay! After picking up Joshua in his 12 month clothes yesterday (the ones I sent last fall in case of accidents), I realized that neither child is really prepared for spring! Not anymore! They're going to be adorable!

Tonight is girls' night! Yipee! We're playing bunco for awhile, and then we're going to catch the late show of "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past." One of the women I play with is a HUGE Matthew McConahey (how do you spell that!?) fan. Should be a fun, but LATE, night! Have a great weekend!

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