Tuesday, October 06, 2009


The flu (or at least I think it's the flu) has invaded our house! I was afraid Chris was coming down with something. Sure enough, as we're enjoying a day to ourselves (which involved a trip to Canton AND Hobby Lobby: don't ya just love my husband!), Chris started to spike a temp. He'd been a bit achy for a day or so, but here came the fever. We headed home, and he hit the couch. On Monday, he tried to go to work, but ended up leaving a little early because the fever came back. He's not allowed back until he's fever free for 24 hr. Since he had a temp earlier today, I guess he'll be home again tomorrow! Poor thing! I just hope we've been aseptic enough to keep the germs away from the rest of us! I really don't want the kids coming down with it. I hate it when my babies are sick.

On the upside, Chris and I did have a fabulous time together this weekend. We went out to dinner and a movie Fri. night and shopping on Sat. We need some stuff for the house, both furniture and decorative stuff, and we succeeded with the decor part. Chris even got a little crafty and is making me some stuff like we saw at Canton! So, now at least my walls won't be bare. I just need a few pieces of furniture to round out the house. I guess we'll be hitting garage sales and craigslist!

Caleb and Joshua had a great time playing with their cousin Nathan this weekend. It must have been a wild time because they came home with bruises from playing outside and burns from sliding on the trampoline! I'm glad to be home and closer to family so the boys can grow up with cousins. This weekend we're getting to visit with my cousin and her kiddos! Lots of family time. Need to catch up for the past two years!

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