Wednesday, November 04, 2009


What is it with kids being totally obsessed with certain toys!? Joshua LOVES the movie Cars. We have 3 Lightning McQueen cars at the house, but there's one special one with crazy eyes. (The others are cheaper, plastic versions, not the cool diecast one!) Of course, Joshua knows the difference and only wants the one with the crazy eyes. Then we got Doc after his doctor visit last week, and he didn't put those 2 cars down all weekend! He even wants to sleep with them. He just doesn't understand the safety issues of sleeping with hard toys! Monday I couldn't get Lightning McQueen out of his hand to go to school, so it went with him. I've started hiding them at night so he can't find them before school in the mornings. What is it with these toys? He asks for them in the morning, but thankfully I can distract him with food. Then he starts asking as soon as we get in the car after school. Crazy kid! We have a whole room full of toys, and all he wants are these 2 little cars. Big problems when Caleb also wants to play cars....maybe we should ask for the entire Cars collection for Christmas!

We had a great Halloween weekend. The boys spent Friday night with their grandparents, so Chris and I got to have a date! Woo Hoo!! Then we visited with both sides of the fam on Sat and trick or treated there. We finished up our Halloween at the church we've been visiting. They had "The Great Pumpkin Party", and it was so much fun! Huge turn out for our little village! The kids spent most of their time in the bounce house/slide, but they found a little time to play the games and eat, too. On Sunday, we ended up eating lunch with the pastor of that church and his family. He and his wife have 5 about chaos! I thought our house was crazy! It was a blast, though, and great to get to know new people. They're coming to dinner at our house tomorrow, so it'll be a wild night at the George house!

This week is flying by...can't believe it's already November!

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