Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wrestlemania and other silly moments

Last night was a crazy one in our household. It started out so nice and peaceful with a cup of hot cocoa and marshmallows and a nice warm fire..... That peace never lasts long in our house!

The kids decided they were going to "take Daddy down!" So wrestlemania starts. The boys run and "tackle" Chris and he throws them around. Lots and lots of noise and grunting! This progresses into picking them up, throwing them in the air or onto the couch, being Superman through the house, etc. Then Chris acted like he was hiding from them. He'd run into one of the bedrooms down the hall, and the boys would tip toe up to the room to get him. About that time, Chris would, of course, jump out and roar or something else equally loud and scare the daylights out of the boys! Their faces were absolutely priceless as they screamed and ran like crazy back into the living room!

My favorite quote from the evening: Chris (to both boys): "You want some of this?"
Joshua (after Chris has thrown Caleb around): "I want shum Daddy! I want shum!" How cute is that!

As for other hilarities last night, I need to remember to download a video I took of the kids. I bought them each Santa hats yesterday, but Caleb's the only one who wanted to wear one. Then he decided to stand by the Christmas tree (in his t-shirt, underwear, and Santa hat!) and do a little song and dance for me. I videoed him singing the Chipmunks' Christmas song....too funny! It'll be great blackmail one day! Joshua was not too interested, but when I asked him to say "Merry Christmas" for the camera, his response (with his cute pursed lips), "No, I can't! What a goofball!

Hope you're making fun Christmas memories this year, too!

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