Wednesday, July 12, 2006

birthday bash

We are so getting old. I feel bad, but I didn't even get Chris a birthday cake yesterday! I called his family and invited them all to go out to dinner, but I forgot the cake. I don't even know that Chris noticed. And get this......Chris got to pick the place, and he didn't pick some good place that will give you free dessert or anything; he chose Catfish King! So, we went and celebrated there. It was really good! But no yummy dessert for Chris to share with me!

I forgot to blog a funny story yesterday. On Monday while Caleb was at Chris's parents' house, his cousin Nathan was also there. They've gotten to where they fight a lot, and Nathan bit Caleb's arm, BAD! Nathan got in trouble, of course, and he left a mark on Caleb. When I got home, Chris told me about it, and I asked Caleb what Nathan did to him. He grabbed his arm and said, "He bite me......I cry." He remembered it all! I didn't know he'd talk to me in complete sentences this soon! Too smart!

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Chelsea said...

Happy LATE birthday, Chris!!!