Saturday, July 01, 2006

Family time

We went to the zoo in Lufkin today. Caleb had a ball, as usual, and he was such a good boy! It was really hot, though. We took the stroller, but my 5 year-old neice spent more time in it than Caleb! He and his cousin Nathan ran around the whole time. They are so cute together. Now Caleb is sitting next to me hollering, "Mama! Mama!" He's a little grumpy britches! I don't know what it is because he had a decent nap. Anyway, we had a great time today. Chris wanted to spend some time together before we go out of town next week without Caleb. He's going to my parents' house while we take some kids from our church to a conference. I'm going to miss the little booger!

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Chelsea said...

I can't wait to see you and Chrissypoo at SO@R!!! Hope to accually get too talk to you also... Ofcorse, that won't be a problem 'cause Theisa and Genea have been talking about seeing y'all so I'm pretty sure we willl have a little conversation! Can't wait, My bags are already packed!!! Love you Julie!