Wednesday, December 13, 2006


We got to hear the new baby's heart beat today! This little one tried to hide for a little bit, but we finally got to hear him/her. How cool is it to be able to hear this little baby in my belly!? Caleb was going to get to hear it, but he was being a little terror.....all because I made him put his pants and shoes on! What was I thinking? Luckily, Chris's dad took him outside to play.

Chris and I got to go out last night with all the people from his department. We had their Christmas party at Cheddar's in Tyler. Good food! It was nice being out with grown ups! A couple of the folks brought their babies (little babies), so I got to play with some little ones!

Caleb is just crazy! He has been so good sleeping through the night without a peep for so long. But not 2 nights ago. I don't know what his problem was, but he woke up 3 times in 30 minutes! The first time, I sat down beside him and he closed his eyes. As he turned over, he said, "No, cow" with this little smirk on his face! It was too cute! Then he wasn't so cute by the last time he woke up and threw a little fit because he wanted me, not his daddy. What's wrong with his daddy????? Anyway, I got up AGAIN and finally got him back to sleep. We don't need more of those nights!

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