Monday, November 03, 2008

On to the next holiday!

We made it through Halloween! The boys were adorable, of course. We went to one of the local church's "Trail of Treats" for our trick or treating. The boys liked it, but Caleb got scared of some of the other kids' scary costumes! Then we went to a Halloween party at some of our friends' house. My friend Jamie bought Caleb some special Diego trick or treat candy, so we couldn't miss that!

On Sat., we did some "spring" cleaning in the fall. Whew! That was not a fun job. We cleaned out everything but the closets. Thankfully, we had cleaned out the pantry because our sweet congregation pounded us on Sun! They did that for us last year, and I have yet to buy paper towels. Now my pantry is overflowing and my bathroom closet is full of toilet paper and paper towels! These folks up here are so sweet! They take good care of us.

Funny story....I made cupcakes this afternoon after I got home from work. A little while ago, I was icing them when I heard this "Mmmmm" behind me. I look down and Joshua had taken one of my non-iced cupcakes and was eating the top off! The little thief! He liked it even better when I put a bit of icing on it. He's a sweet lover like his daddy!

Here are a few pics from the last week, minus Caleb's birthday party. Still haven't downloaded them from my friend's camera....

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