Friday, September 22, 2006


I just had to tell ya'll this cute story that just happened. Caleb and I are eating supper. He grabbed his drink, nothing out of the ordinary, and all of a sudden he said "CALEB!" in this crazy low voice. I wondered what he was saying that for, and I noticed his drink was spilling on the floor. He was saying his name like I do when I'm getting onto him! While I was cleaning it up, he said, "Caleb, what do that for?" How cute!

He's been so good today considering he should be tired. Last night he woke up at 12:30 and didn't go back to sleep until 4! We cleaned the house this morning (YUCK!); it was bad this time. We've been busy this week and haven't kept on top of things. Then we went out to Chris's parents' house to wash and wax his car. While Chris and I were washing the car, Caleb and Nathan played in the water. After we moved on to waxing, they splashed the rags in the bucket and played with the hose. They were soaked! But they had a blast. They're too cute!

Now we're hanging out in our nice, clean house, and Caleb is throwing around his animals. He's really gotten attached to his animals lately. Right now he's helping them "jump" off the couch. Tomorrow we're headed to my folks house and then to College Station for the ball game. WHOOP!

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