Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Catch up

I's been a while. Things have actually been busy. Chris and I are both back in school and trying to stay afloat. So far, so good! Caleb is so funny. He's definitely an entertainer. I was the nurse for career day at Mom's school last Friday, and Caleb went with me. I did my thing while he and Mom went walking around the school and visiting everyone. Every time they left the room, Caleb would look out at all the kids and say, "Bye, everybody!" Too cute! He was definitely the more memorable piece of career day!

Chris came over after work, and we stayed with the folks all weekend. It's been a while since we were able to stay so long. We went to the football game Fri. night and got to see some people, and Caleb was actually really good. He has this thing with going under the"bidge" (bridge) right now. (The bridge can be anything, your arm, leg, whatever!) I had my feet propped up on the bench in front of me, so Caleb went back and forth under my "bridge." Then he decided to take of his sandal and drop it under the bleachers. How special!

He kept everyone in stitches most of the weekend being the little ham that he is. He entertained with all of his little sayings, from "Whoa, Baby!" to the wolf sound. He got to help Nana give the horses water and go with Pop to feed the fish and see the cows. How exciting! He's still talking about it.

We got to visit our old church on Sun. It was great to see everyone again. Caleb, of course, has gotten "so big!" Caleb remembered where the nursery is and went right to it, but he wasn't happy when I left him! After a few minutes though, I was forgotten, and he was back to playing on the slide! I really miss those folks. They're great people.

I love holiday weekends. We got to have a nice relaxing day for Labor Day and didn't do much. We went for burgers out at Chris's parents' house for lunch, and then Chris and I went to a movie. It was a nice holiday. The only bad part about holidays is heading back to work the next day! I get spoiled with those extra long weekends!

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