Friday, October 13, 2006

For Mom

Mom has told me that I'm not blogging enough, so here's a quick update!

It's been too crazy this week to keep up with anything! Luckily, Monday was a holiday, and Chris and I were both off. We decided we wanted to go to Tyler and go to the wildlife museum. There are lots of cool animals there, which would totally entertain Caleb, and the best part is it's free! Farrah and her family joined us, and we had our Fazoli's fix and then decided to skip the museum and go for the real animals at the zoo! The kids had a blast of course! Caleb was getting tired by the end, so we had a couple of grumpy moments, but he did great overall.

I think Caleb must know that I'm stressed with school this week, and he's done a great job of increasing that stress! I don't know what's up with his sleeping schedule, but he won't sleep! He'll be exhausted by 8 but won't go to bed and throws fits when you make him! And, he's only had 2 good naps this week! SO, I have a paper due Sun. and a test that I haven't even started studying for on Mon, and I'm starting to really freak out! Today he's being an angel (so far), so I hope he'll be a good little boy and let me get some stuff done. At least he let me sleep until 8 this morning!

We don't have an exciting weekend planned; I have to do a health fair tomorrow. Yea for the comp time I'm earning! Maybe next weekend I'll get to relax!


pchavers said...

Thank you very much for the update! You could come to Fairfield to relax. Just a thought!!
Love, Mom

Genea said...

I have to agree with your mom on that one. I would love for you to come to Fairfield!! Love ya Genea Hey it is Genea, Ijust 4got my last blog address so I had to make a new 1. Try to keep it up