Monday, October 02, 2006

Camping trip

I went camping! It was my first camping trip ever, and I had a blast. I slept in a tent and everything! My mom thought I was crazy, but it was so much fun. All of Chris's family packed up Thurs. and went to Arkansas. We stayed by a river, and the weather was perfect. It was after dark by the time we got there (I didn't take the whole day off), and it was COLD! Since Caleb would rather run around in a diaper all the time, he wasn't happy about having to put on long sleeves! Farrah and her family were already there, so we set up camp beside them and then sat around the fire. During the day, it got warm enough to play in the river, so Caleb threw about a million rocks in the river over the course of 2 days! Between him and Nathan, they almost built a dam! They were too cute. We went hiking, too, well, as much hiking as we could stand with a 2 year-old! Chris and his brother decided to climb the "mountain" on the other side of the river on Saturday. He said that they went from dumb to incredibly ignorant about halfway up! It was straight up.....very steep! I'm sure I wouldn't be to happy to know some of the crazy things they did getting up and down that thing!

Caleb was so funny. When we first walked down to the river, he saw the huge rocks jutting up out of the water, and he yelled, "Lion King!" The rocks really looked like the rock from the Lion King where they lifted Simba in the air. After that, he always wanted to go down to the "water hole" to throw rocks. Where did he get that? All the kids had a blast. I think it was more fun just to watch them. I definitely want to go back!

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