Monday, October 16, 2006

Good Momma!

Well, the angel behavior on Friday didn't last long. Around 10:30, Caleb decided he needed me to play with him. Since it was a beautiful morning, I thought I could distract him outside. So we got our shoes on and headed out. I got in my chair with my computer, and no go. He kept coming over saying, "Momma, get up!" He tried to shut my computer too! So, we went and picked up pine cones, but if I tried to sneak back to my chair, he'd come running! I gave up and decided I'd just play a while; he needed some company! So, then he decided we needed to "hurry, hurry!" up the sidewalk. We ran into some of Chris's professors on our walk, and then Caleb ran to the playground. There's this tunnel on the playset, and Caleb calls it a bridge. Well, he was playing in it and said, "Momma, get in bridge." So I put my head in, and Caleb was pleased and said, "Good Momma!" How cute! Then he started playing goodnight in the tunnel. Don't know where he learned this one, but he'd say "goodnight!" and lay down and act like he was snoring. Then he'd jump up and hollar and say "wake up!" He's such a sweetie!

I did finally get my paper done while Caleb was napping that afternoon and got it sent in Friday evening. It wasn't even due till last night! Unfortunately, I haven't had a restful weekend because I caught a cold. I'm staying home today because I don't want to spend the day wiping my eyes and nose at the office! I think I'll be OK to go to work tomorrow, but I sure would like another day off!

I forgot another funny story. Caleb stayed at Farrah's house for a while Sat. evening while Chris and I went to dinner. When we went to get him, he wanted to sit outside with Chris and his dad. I wanted to sit out there too, but he then decided we needed to play. He'd run down their sidewalk to Steve's shop, and he discovered his shadow. He'd start dancing around and waving his hands and thought it was so exciting that his shadow did the same thing. He even had me playing with my shadow! He just laughed and laughed. It's amazing what entertains him!

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