Monday, October 23, 2006

Poor Baby!

On Saturday, my sweet little boy decided he didn't want to take a nap. Fortunately, he didn't turn into a little terror! He was asleep by 8:00 Sat. night, before Chris got in from work (he got called in). So, we head to bed a little after 10, and I hear "Momma!" I go to check on him and sit with him a second and he goes back to sleep. I hear him again a minute later and go in and he's flipping back and forth saying "No, no, no!" and he wakes up crying. My poor baby was having nightmares! I sat with him some more and it happened again. I felt so bad for him. Somewhere in there, though, he must have had a good dream because he started mumbling and all I got was "hippo" out of it, so he must have been having fun with all his animals! We ended up staying awake till almost 1 that night, and it was like he was scared of his bed. He wouldn't lay down even with me. I ended up taking him to my room, and eventually Chris ended up in Caleb's bed because there's not enough room for all of us in that bed!

Last night we went out to Chris's parents' house and had a hayride. Steve pulled us behind his tractor, and Caleb had a ball! He was so excited to be riding in the trailer. It was pretty chilly, but he didn't get too cold! He wouldn't hear of letting me cuddle up with him under the blanket! When we got back, they had rigged up a screen outside, and we all watched Old Yeller. I told Caleb there was a puppy coming on, and he was all about watching the puppy show! By this time, he was starting to get a little tired, and he cuddled with me under the blanket for this one! He was so good. He kept turning around and telling me about all the animals in the show. Too cute!

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Genea said...

Hey Julie,
It's Genea. I think that's sooo sad that Caleb had a nightmare. I hate nightmares, and he's a little kid, so I know how that goes, I remember this onw nightmare I had about 5 years ago. It is so scary. I feel so bad for him. Mary-Helen is Pregnant. Yeah!!! Jessica had her baby. IIIIII have a BOYFIREND!! I know you know, but I'm overjoyed. He is soooo sweet Julie.I will talk to you later. i have a new blogspot. It is It is going to be more recent than all other. Ok I love you so much. Don't forget that. Genea