Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Copy Cat

I'm really going to have to start watching what I say around Caleb. He's well on his way to being one of those kids who repeat everything their parents say! I was in the bathroom brushing my hair, and I needed something from Chris, so I called, "Honey!" Caleb laughed and started saying, "Hon-ney! Hon-ney!" and thought he was so cute. When Chris came around the corner, he looked up at him and said, "Hon-ney!" He's becoming quite the little copy cat!

Last night we went over to Chris's Nana's house to say good-bye to his uncle and cousin. They're headed back to Colorado right now. Caleb was making a great fashion statement running around in a diaper and sandals! He and Nathan got into a screaming contest. They both sounded like little girls! They've gotten to where they fight a lot sometimes, and last night they fought about who got to go down the slide or play with the ball or whatever! Sometimes they just love each other, but not last night! Then Nathan was going swimming with his family down at Chris's uncle's house, so Chris decided to take Caleb. I didn't have my suit, so I didn't want to go in my scrubs! Caleb loved it for about 5 minutes. Then he thought that I needed to be in the water with him. When I didn't join in the fun, he started whining. He LOVES the water, but didn't want anything to do with it last night! So, Chris got in for nothing! Oh well!

When we got home, Caleb got a special treat. He got to watch his Noah's Ark animal video....in our room! He had his little snack and was sitting up in the bed looking like he'd just won the lottery! The DVD player for the living room (the PS2) is at Chris's parents' house right now, so we let him up in our bed for a while. He had to tell us all the animals and their noises, all the while stuffing his little mouth with his food and juice! I bet he thought he was going to get to stay there for the night, but he got shipped to his bed as soon as it was over! He likes his space just as much as I like mine!

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